The Best Hiking Routes in Cornwall

Land’s End Loop to Porthcurno When you hear the name “Land’s End” you would think that you’re in some Narnia adventureIt may not exactly be the same, but there is no denying that this is a hike worth takingThe hike has a total of 5.8 miles from Land’s End to PorthcurnoWhen you go towards Porthgwarra, you will end up at a secluded beach called NanjizalThis is one of the best-kept secrets of CornwallHere you’ll find an archway that was naturally madeJust peeking through it is a view of the Atlantic Ocean. 2Fowey to Polperro A bit longer than the Land’s End hike, Fowey to Polperro is about 7 miles each wayWhat’s great about this hike is that even if it’s tiring, the spots you will visit are very calmingYou will be starting off at Fowey which is a place with lots of yachts by the shorelineYou will also be able to walk around the cobbled streets enjoying your pastiesWhen you’re ready for the hike, just go towards the foot ferry to PolruanFrom here your hike starts.

In reality, this trek from Lizard Point to Mullion Cove is filled with steep walks and treks along the rocks

Sailing The Cornwall Coast

Your sailing trip can include these destinations where you can fully relax and enjoy the viewsYou might also find yourself finding some inspirationOr discover a love for the sea that you have never unearthedYou can simply explore the county in such a unique but truly amazing way. This nautical heritage can be fully experienced onboard the ships that have been a part of Cornwall’s sailing historyThese ships may be older but they have skillfully sailed through the tough waters off of the coastIn fact, being on board is already taking part in that long history. Your sailing trip can bring you past beautiful ports and charming lighthouses, as well as small market towns and dramatic baysIt is suitable for first-time sailors and other visitors who want to have a unique Cornish experienceBird watchers, star gazers, and wanna-be sailors will love the trip.

You can plan the best destinations and stops with your crew. Onboard, you will also enjoy learning about sailing and how to manoeuver the ship, which by itself is a history lesson

Must-try Cornwall Traditional Foods

Cornish Yarg Yarg translates to cheese made from local Friesian cowsIt can be distinguished by the nettle coating whose original purpose was to prevent the cheese from deterioratingThe coating, however, allows a harmless and edible mold to grow around the cheeseIn turn, it creates a unique flavor thanks to the mold and the nettlesThe texture is also interesting, with the cheese creamier close to the coating but crumbly in the middleIt was originally created by a family with the name of Gray, which, when spelled backwards, is the source of the name Yarg. 3Clotted Cream The local cream, also called Devonshire cream, comes from unpasteurized milk heated with steamIt is then cooled down so that the clots start to formIn the end, you get a thick cream that has a high fat percentage you can either spread on bread or scones or added to teaIt is quite known all over the country as part of the afternoon tea.

Hevva Cake The hevva cake is another nod to Cornwall’s fishing industry

4 Cornish Experiences to do Before You Die

Many go on a holiday vacation to unwind and have fun. However, people go to Cornwall specifically to make wonderful memories from a wide array of experiences from tasting the famed cuisine of the region to exploring its historic mining and fishing villages and a whole lot more. Some go surfing while others prefer coasteering. For those who are still wondering what to do in the picturesque landscape of Cornwall, here are 4 Cornish experiences you can bring home. 1.       The Eden Project  You don’t need to travel the world to enjoy the planet’s most exotic flora. You only need to visit The Eden Project.

Getting the Best Photos From Your Wedding Day in Cornwall


If you've been researching weddings in Cornwall for a while you will have been bombarded with stunning photos of couples in beautiful coastal locations. Many of these photos are circulated by the very best wedding photographers operating in Cornwall. They are inspirational and aspirational. They make you want to pay for top photographers whatever the price. But before you blow your budget on hiring a photographer for your wedding, consider these tips for getting the best quality photos from your big day.

Select the Right Venue

It sounds obvious but you will only get truly stunning photos from a beautiful location.