Must-try Cornwall Traditional Foods

Cornish Yarg Yarg translates to cheese made from local Friesian cowsIt can be distinguished by the nettle coating whose original purpose was to prevent the cheese from deterioratingThe coating, however, allows a harmless and edible mold to grow around the cheeseIn turn, it creates a unique flavor thanks to the mold and the nettlesThe texture is also interesting, with the cheese creamier close to the coating but crumbly in the middleIt was originally created by a family with the name of Gray, which, when spelled backwards, is the source of the name Yarg. 3Clotted Cream The local cream, also called Devonshire cream, comes from unpasteurized milk heated with steamIt is then cooled down so that the clots start to formIn the end, you get a thick cream that has a high fat percentage you can either spread on bread or scones or added to teaIt is quite known all over the country as part of the afternoon tea.

Hevva Cake The hevva cake is another nod to Cornwall’s fishing industry

Ten of The Best Pubs and Bars in Cornwall

After you have booked your holiday to Cornwall (click here for tips on planning a trip) you can think about all the great places you want to visitHere are the top 10 Cornish pubs and bars you may want to include in your itinerary for a really fantastic holiday in Cornwall. 1.       Blue Anchor Inn For the best brew, head out to blue Anchor Inn and enjoy its most sought after brew, MiddleThe pub has been making these drinks for more than 6 centuries. 2.       Blue Bar Surfers heading to Porthtowan in the north, famed for its curling waves, find Blue Bar to be a fantastic way to rest after a day in the waterWith music humming in the background, guests are treated to decent bistro food plus an excellent vibe which is just perfect for relaxing surfers’ tired bodies.