Sailing The Cornwall Coast

Your sailing trip can include these destinations where you can fully relax and enjoy the viewsYou might also find yourself finding some inspirationOr discover a love for the sea that you have never unearthedYou can simply explore the county in such a unique but truly amazing way. This nautical heritage can be fully experienced onboard the ships that have been a part of Cornwall’s sailing historyThese ships may be older but they have skillfully sailed through the tough waters off of the coastIn fact, being on board is already taking part in that long history. Your sailing trip can bring you past beautiful ports and charming lighthouses, as well as small market towns and dramatic baysIt is suitable for first-time sailors and other visitors who want to have a unique Cornish experienceBird watchers, star gazers, and wanna-be sailors will love the trip.

You can plan the best destinations and stops with your crew. Onboard, you will also enjoy learning about sailing and how to manoeuver the ship, which by itself is a history lesson

Must-try Cornwall Traditional Foods

Cornish Yarg Yarg translates to cheese made from local Friesian cowsIt can be distinguished by the nettle coating whose original purpose was to prevent the cheese from deterioratingThe coating, however, allows a harmless and edible mold to grow around the cheeseIn turn, it creates a unique flavor thanks to the mold and the nettlesThe texture is also interesting, with the cheese creamier close to the coating but crumbly in the middleIt was originally created by a family with the name of Gray, which, when spelled backwards, is the source of the name Yarg. 3Clotted Cream The local cream, also called Devonshire cream, comes from unpasteurized milk heated with steamIt is then cooled down so that the clots start to formIn the end, you get a thick cream that has a high fat percentage you can either spread on bread or scones or added to teaIt is quite known all over the country as part of the afternoon tea.

Hevva Cake The hevva cake is another nod to Cornwall’s fishing industry

Holiday Activity Ideas for in Cornwall for Families

This pretty fishing harbour town on Cornwall's north coast is famous for its superb seafood, thanks in part to celebrity chef Rick Sten who has several restaurants herePadstow is a delight to visit for families as there is a wide choice of cafes and restaurants where kids are most welcomeFrom the Michelin starred Paul Ainsworth Number 6 Restaurant, to pizza at Rojano's, gourmet burgers at Burgers and Fish to good old take-away fish and chips on the quay, there is something for all tastes in Padstow. Frolic in the sun and enjoy beach activities in Falmouth If you’re into kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, or any other beach and water related activities, Falmouth’s calmer waters provide a safe haven for the entire family With is picture-perfect cove covered in glistening fine sand, Falmouth is the best place to be for wonderful water activities for the whole family And if the beach has lost its charm, you can always get some retail therapy in town.

Cool Fowey Beaches for Hot Summer Getaways

The first thing which comes to your head when you think of England is endless rain and the cold. So when you think of summer vacations, it really is not the first place that would first go through your head. Spain, the South of France and the Mediterranean countries are the usual options because of the warm temperatures and always sunny climate. But don’t disregard this historic European island nation completely. It has its share of great beaches too. Fowey, for instance, is a great destination if you are looking for beaches.This tiny fishing village located in the southern tip of Cornwall in England has been a famous trading port back in the middle ages.

Sights and Adventures in Historic and Renowned Falmouth

Falmouth’s well-known coastal culture and maritime legacy is the key to understanding the rich cultural heritage of the English. Strategically located at the mouth of the Fal River, Falmouth has been the bastion of England’s independence from continental Europe paving the way for England’s rise as a major world power. Today, visitors are not only treated to the rich history of the town, they are also given the opportunity to enjoy its many award-winning attractions, beautifully-landscaped and well-maintained parks and gardens, miles of water activity-filled beaches, and breathtaking nature trails. As well as amazing sights and adventures, Falmouth welcomes holidaymakers with some extraordinary places to stay ranging from scenic cottages in Falmouth through to boutique hotels right on the beach.

Cornwall Cafés for Beach Lovers


Cornwall is well known as a major holiday destination. Millions of people flock here each year to visit the beaches and explore the countryside. But some people may have missed the fact that it is also an amazing location for fantastic restaurants and eateries. Many of these are located on or very close to the beach, meaning you can maximise your time on the beach or in the sea and then feed on fantastic food without having to travel too far. These beach Café’s offer a great choice for hassle-free dining while on holiday in Cornwall.

Blue Bay Café, Hayle

Located at Sandy Acres in Hayle, Blue Bay Café cannot even begin to compete with its rivals as far as size and capacity is concerned; however the café provide views that are simply to die for.

Top 6 Things To Do In West Cornwall

Tourism is incredibly important to the UK economy. It is one of the most popular countries in the world for visiting tourists. And this does not come as a surprise because the UK has a rich and varied history, with plenty to see and do from its historic monuments and fine museums, to its modern attractions and thriving nightlife scene. The sheer variety of tourism opportunities in the UK is sure to satisfy different people from all walks of life. It's also no surprise, that within the UK the region of Cornwall is the most popular for visitors and holidaymakers. But Cornwall is also very big and not easy to do everything in one short holiday, therefore it's recommended to focus on one particular area.

4 Unique Holiday Destinations in Cornwall

With so many great places to stay in Cornwall, it's sometimes difficult to choose something unique and exciting for your holiday. If you've already visited the major towns and resorts, or you want to get far from the maddening crowds, you need to start looking above and beyond the usual choice of holiday destinations like Newquay, Polzeath and Looe. Here I try to do my Debased best to recommend some truly unique places to stay and hidden gems you may never have discovered before. Mullion - Way down on the Lizard peninsula, this is a beautiful holiday destination that rarely gets overrun with tourists.

Cornwall Battered by Storms

The first week of 2014 was a stormy one in Cornwall. The New Year got off to a riotous start with a holy trilogy of strong winds, high tides and enormous swell generated by storms in the Atlantic. Crashing waves engulfed headlands, rock formations tumbled, sand-dunes were swept away and may buildings on beaches were damaged. it was quite a spectacle and images of the storm of the decade were relayed around the world. In Cornwall we are often the first to get battered by storms. Storms are just a fact of life in this extreme South West corner of the country.