Visiting the Isles Of Scilly

Many people do not realize that Cornwall has tropical islands. They are a bit further away, 28 miles away from Land’s End, but the Isles of Scilly can be easily reached from the mainland. In all, there are 140 islands but the smallest are just a bit bigger than a rock and the biggest is not more than three by two miles.

A ferry is available daily at 8 am, leaving from Penzance Docks and crossing the Atlantic for 3 hours before arriving at St. Mary’s, which is the largest island. It is also possible to fly from Newquay, Exeter, and Land’s End and take 15 to 30 minutes.… Read the rest

The Best Hiking Routes in Cornwall

Cornwall is known for its coastline – and rightly so. With 300 miles of coastline in its vicinity, it’s hard to believe that there are barely any beaches Cornwall has to offer. While most tourists go to these beaches, there is another outdoor activity that you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit this world-famous county.

The Best Hiking Routes in Cornwall

You don’t have to be a hiker to appreciate climbs. In fact, you can be a newbie in hiking and still enjoy the breathtaking views Cornwall has to offer. The great thing about these hikes is that you won’t only be able to see the landscape (although this is a prize enough), you can also do other great things at the peaks.… Read the rest

Sailing The Cornwall Coast

There is no other way to celebrate the history and tradition of Cornwall than sailing the coast. While the county is now popular for being the ultimate summer destination, it used to be known for the fishing industry.

While catching some fish is not the purpose of getting on board, it does allow you to see experience Cornwall from the sea. These sailboats have bunk beds for longer trips, although there are shorter voyages for those who just want a taste of sailing in Cornwall.

A Full Cornish Experience


Everything about the trip has been well planned to be the ultimate Cornish experience.… Read the rest

Must-try Cornwall Traditional Foods

One of the highlights of a trip to Cornwall is the chance to try out the local cuisine. This is truly an experience which also features the ingredients grown or found in the area. Because the land in the area is not very suitable for agriculture, you can expect most of these dishes are made with seafood caught by the locals or dairy from local farms.

While these dishes have never crossed over to become the next food fad, they are still incredibly tasty and worth a try. The best thing about it is, you can try them out where they originated from, following the same original recipes.… Read the rest

Holiday Activity Ideas for in Cornwall for Families

beach family cornwall Getting your family to go on a Cornish holiday can bring a host of benefits not only to you and your partner but also to your kids, if you have any. Cornwall makes the perfect destination for families to renew their ties and strengthen the bonds that keep them together. Towns such as Padstow make a great base for family holidays in Cornwall. This pretty fishing harbour town on Cornwall's north coast is famous for its superb seafood, thanks in part to celebrity chef Rick Sten who has several restaurants here. Padstow is a delight to visit for families as there is a wide choice of cafes and restaurants where kids are most welcome. Read the full post for other holiday ideas for families.

Top 9 Things to Do in Cornwall to Rekindle Your Relationship

kiss Cornwall

Whether it’s your honeymoon or you simply want to rekindle the passion in your relationship, Cornwall has some of the best things to offer that you and your partner will definitely enjoy. From Cornish pasties to traveling back in time to experience different biomes under one roof, Cornwall definitely has it. Here are top 9 things to do in Cornwall that will help rekindle the passion in your relationship.

1.       Fill your heart with Cornish pasties. 

Honeymoon in Cornwall will never be complete without satisfying your tummy and filling your heart with the rich, crumbly goodness of Cornish pasties. Head out to Padstow as they’ve got some of the best shops that bake these beef and potato goodies.… Read the rest

4 Cornish Experiences to do Before You Die

Many go on a holiday vacation to unwind and have fun. However, people go to Cornwall specifically to make wonderful memories from a wide array of experiences from tasting the famed cuisine of the region to exploring its historic mining and fishing villages and a whole lot more. Some go surfing while others prefer coasteering. For those who are still wondering what to do in the picturesque landscape of Cornwall, here are 4 Cornish experiences you can bring home.

1.       The Eden Project  You don’t need to travel the world to enjoy the planet’s most exotic flora. You only need to visit The Eden Project.… Read the rest

Ten of The Best Pubs and Bars in Cornwall

Cornwall is not only famous for its mining ruins, pristine beaches, excellent surf schools, and superb trails. It also has a very vibrant nightlife. This is expected as the adventurers that scour its beaches and scale its shoreline cliffs need to have something to unwind to when the dusk sets. After you have booked your holiday to Cornwall (click here for tips on planning a trip) you can think about all the great places you want to visit. Here are the top 10 Cornish pubs and bars you may want to include in your itinerary for a really fantastic holiday in Cornwall.… Read the rest

How to Find the Best Days Out in Cornwall

This website was discovered the other day when I was trawling the internet looking for information for an article about places to visit for days out in Cornwall. I was blown away by the wealth of information it contains. It’s an awesome site displaying the details of its 38 members who run visitor attractions in Cornwall.

Best Days Out Cornwall is owned and managed by the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions. For over 40 years, the Cornwall Association of Tourist Attractions (CATA) has been working to improve the quality of the visitor experience in Cornwall.

What’s unique about this website, is that it does not list a huge list of all the possible places you can visit in Cornwall.… Read the rest

Cool Fowey Beaches for Hot Summer Getaways

The first thing which comes to your head when you think of England is endless rain and the cold. So when you think of summer vacations, it really is not the first place that would first go through your head. Spain, the South of France and the Mediterranean countries are the usual options because of the warm temperatures and always sunny climate.

But don’t disregard this historic European island nation completely. It has its share of great beaches too. Fowey, for instance, is a great destination if you are looking for beaches.This tiny fishing village located in the southern tip of Cornwall in England has been a famous trading port back in the middle ages.… Read the rest

Sights and Adventures in Historic and Renowned Falmouth

Falmouth’s well-known coastal culture and maritime legacy is the key to understanding the rich cultural heritage of the English. Strategically located at the mouth of the Fal River, Falmouth has been the bastion of England’s independence from continental Europe paving the way for England’s rise as a major world power.

Today, visitors are not only treated to the rich history of the town, they are also given the opportunity to enjoy its many award-winning attractions, beautifully-landscaped and well-maintained parks and gardens, miles of water activity-filled beaches, and breathtaking nature trails. As well as amazing sights and adventures, Falmouth welcomes holidaymakers with some extraordinary places to stay ranging from scenic cottages in Falmouth through to boutique hotels right on the beach.… Read the rest

Getting the Best Photos From Your Wedding Day in Cornwall

If you’ve been researching weddings in Cornwall for a while you will have been bombarded with stunning photos of couples in beautiful coastal locations. Many of these photos are circulated by the very best wedding photographers operating in Cornwall. They are inspirational and aspirational. They make you want to pay for top photographers whatever the price. But before you blow your budget on hiring a photographer for your wedding, consider these tips for getting the best quality photos from your big day.

Select the Right Venue

It sounds obvious but you will only get truly stunning photos from a beautiful location.… Read the rest